• 3SS, Media Distillery and XroadMedia joint end-to-end personalisation solution 
  • Android TV providers targeted to offer linear-on-demand TV for viewers 
  • “Better personalisation and simplified, more successful content discovery are the answers,” says 3SS MD


3READY: AI-powered for personalisation 

The trio has teamed up to create an end-to-end video experience platform which will enable Android TV providers to make linear-on-demand (LoD) a reality for viewers.

3 Screen Solutions (3SS) together with Media Distillery and Xroad Media have announced a next-generation personalised TV experience using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with advanced data harvesting and processing.

3SS managing director Kai-Christian Borchers said: “In today’s highly competitive marketplace, service providers need to differentiate from their rivals. Also, they need to increase stickiness of their service.

“Better personalisation and simplified, more successful content discovery are the answers to the need for increased viewer enjoyment and loyalty.”

At IBC2016, 3SS introduced LoD as a concept and predicted it as the future of TV when it launched 3READY Front End and UI/UX solution.

The joint solution provides a detailed depth of user profiling while delivering granular understanding of what comprises a item of video content.

In a statement the companies announced: “With this new platform, the TV service can really understand what the viewer spends time watching – and the key is rich metadata.”

They claim that truly personalised TV is only achieved by obtaining granular user profiles and accurate content metadata.

This new joint platform, multiple layers of high-quality metadata are made available in real time to help viewers find their desired content, thereby promoting viewer engagement.

The trio believe that creating seamless, personalised and measurable experiences, with content from all sources and ads that are relevant to the user, is the best-possible revenue generation and return on investment opportunity for the service provider.

Media Distillery chief executive Roland Sars said: “It’s time for TV service providers to deconstruct and re-sequence their content, to serve up right-size, on-topic personal experiences.

“From smarter search to snackable content and richer profiles, the players who differentiate through their content metadata, and enable individualised, intuitive viewing, will captivate and stay relevant for expectant audiences.”