Hetzscholdt explains the challenge media companies face: ”Own[ing] and distributing very attractive content that people want to access and view as soon as possible. [Hackers] also want to redistribute it themselves illegally and monetise it.”

What will be the main talking points at IBC2018?

Hetzscholdt says: “Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain both from an innovation and security point of view.”

“Vendors which may administer security operation centres maybe cloud-based with a lot of reach and our hope is they will be capable of protecting companies like ourselves against a whole range of possible cyber security issues.”

Watch more Pascal Hertzscholdt speaks as part of IBC365’s roundtable on cyber security How to deal with the threat to content

Interested in Cyber Security?  The IBC2018 Cyber Security Forum on Thursday 13 September is a one-day, invitation-only event aiming to bring together executives for a candid discussion on cyber security.