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    Industry Trends

    Brexit: UK broadcasters need certainty


    Broadcasters in the UK face an uncertain future, with the deadline for Brexit looming and the prospect of no deal with the European Union jeopardising the country’s position as an international hub for TV. 

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    Thought Leadership

    The robustness of radio


    With World Radio Day taking place on Wednesday 13 February, Paul Robinson assesses the health of radio and its role in society. 

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    Industry Trends

    Broadcast audio builds trust in fake news era


    DAB is coming into its own as media format for advertisers at a time of concerns about fake news and ad fraud in the online space.

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    Technical Papers

    Personalising linear radio: Model and user evaluation


    ABSTRACT The paper introduces radio personalisation, as part of the strategy to keep radio relevant, taking into account new available technologies and audiences changing their media consumption habits. A novel model for proactive context-aware radio personalisation based on the hybrid content radio framework is discussed, and a prototype ...

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    Industry Trends

    Tuning radio for South Sudan


    Most stories about new broadcast facilities are all about beautiful buildings designed by ‘starchitects’ featuring soaring atriums and state-of-the-art studios and production systems. This is not one of them. This is the story of tin-roofed, mudbrick buildings with no air-conditioning, and brand new, old-fashioned analogue production kit.