Broadcast technology and media services provider Planetcast Media Services launched its NexC architecture which is designed to simplify content management, distribution, and monetisation services and technologies.

The company said NexC provides a single-window, content supply chain management system, enabling users to beat the complexity challenge of today’s media and entertainment landscape.

3. Planetcast Media Services launches NexC cloud-first architecture

Planetcast Media Services launches NexC cloud-first architecture

Sanjay Duda, CEO at Planetcast, said: “Media organisations are finding it increasingly cumbersome and expensive to navigate the various stages of post-production, content delivery, and monetisation. In addition to seeking to enhance profitability, many media and entertainment companies are expanding geographically, while at the same time targeting new distribution points and functionalities, such as over-the-top (OTT), free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), and pop-up channels.”

According to Duda, this leads to an exponential increase in the requirement for media processing and management, which Planetcast calls the ‘complexity challenge’.

Planetcast said its NexC unified service layer architecture meets this challenge through its flexibility and cloud-first approach, “enabling customers to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness”.