SCTE Benelux is set to bring together some of the industry’s most accomplished experts in hosting its IBC2022 Lecture, which explores the challenges and some solutions for ISPs in meeting consumer demands.

The SCTE Benelux programme focuses on the theme of “Managing the Last Metre in the Home”. Since the availability of services in-home has been perceived as the responsibility of the ISP by non-technical consumers, there has been a significant paradigm shift which has caused implications for all players.

RAI tower

SCTE Benelux hosting its IBC2022 Lecture, at the RAI

Historically, ISP-managed networked services have provided the connectivity to the modem in the customer’s premises – the last mile. The general expectation was that the customer would have sufficient technical ability to manage the local area network and services in-house. As the LAN became Wi-Fi, the ISP began to take responsibility for services within the premises – otherwise known as ‘the last metre’.

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In this IBC workshop, the SCTE Benelux team will focus on some of these specific challenges and how the industry is solving them. SCTE Benelux will be hosting its Lecture on Monday 12 September at the RAI, Amsterdam.

Edo Kweldam, Chair, SCTE Benelux said, “We are delighted to be back at the RAI seeing old friends and colleagues after all this time, and we are sure that the programme we have to offer will appeal to delegates. The Last Mile is a hot topic and as technology has raced ahead, the relationship between the supplier, the customer has shifted into the hands of the ISP, right down to the last metre. We want to explore what this means going forward and how best we can meet consumer demands in today’s climate.”

The Benelux office of the SCTE has curated an in-depth programme focusing on the important theme of “Managing the Last Metre in the Home” with speakers who include: Anders Svensson, Chief Technology Officer at AGAMA Technologies, Eric van Uden, Netherlands Country Manager for AVM and finally two representatives Future Connections, CEO Julien Beenakkers & CTO Alejandro Medina.

Peter Veerman, SCTE Benelux Executive Committee Member added, “With 5G just around the corner and expectations higher than ever, at the SCTE we felt it was important to gather some of the industry’s most accomplished experts together to discuss the implications for us all. Covid has accelerated trends which few of us anticipated even three years ago, so we are really looking forward to a worthwhile and valuable afternoon.”

The programme begins at 12pm in CHANGEMAKERS E102, concluding with a cocktail reception at 3pm. Participation is free for SCTE members.

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