Accedo has partnered with New Relic to launch Accedo Insights, described as a product that provides video services with performance and operational insights through real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.

The aim of the product is to help over-the-top (OTT) video service providers monitor their tech stack and measures performance by examining key components of the provider’s infrastructure, end-user applications operations, and video performance.


Michael Lantz, Accedo

According to Accedo, by utilising the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, the solution provides insights into key metrics such as host process monitoring, host resource monitoring, transaction and load times, and connection buffering ratio.

Michael Lantz, CEO of Accedo, said: “Over the years, Accedo has offered customers support and data-led guidance on how to optimise and grow their video services. We are now bringing this accumulated expertise to the market, enabling customers to maintain high availability and performance, achieve operational efficiency, and deliver an exceptional user experience, regardless of which tech stack they have built for their video service. With a leading observability partner like New Relic, we have created a tailored offering for all relevant video service use cases.”