The Associated Press’ cloud-hosted system AP Playbook for planning coverage across broadcast, digital, social and print channels, is being rolled out by Al Jazeera Media Networks to co-ordinate the activity of news teams in the Middle East, Europe, North America and around the world.

David Hostetter, CTO of Al Jazeera Digital, said: “We are continually looking for solutions to improve reporting efficiencies across our 78 bureaus around the globe. After surveying the market, we see AP Playbook as ideal for our needs and are excited to… see the impact the offering will have on our digital newsroom operations.”


AP planned its coverage of the Tokyo Olympics with Playbook

Playbook provides high visibility of story plans across categories, locations and output channels. It allows journalists to receive notifications of new tasks on their mobile devices and integrates with other newsroom systems and tools to provide enhanced, efficient workflows.

Other high-profile news organisations planning their coverage and output channels in Playbook include the Daily Mail Group for several digital and print titles and The Associated Press itself.

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Playbook serves multiple roles within the AP’s global newsroom: planning coverage across approximately 250 locations worldwide; communicating coverage plans to AP’s members and subscribers; and enabling AP editors to efficiently produce summary lists of the day’s most interesting and important stories for multiple different audiences.

It also helps the AP manage coverage of large events such as the Olympics in Tokyo. For each day of the Games, AP produced an average of 200+ text stories, 2,000+ images, and dozens of video packages.

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