Cloud-native media supply chain specialist Ateliere Creative Technologies announced a partnership with media application integration specialists, qibb, to support hybrid storage workflows across the media supply chain.

Ateliere said its cloud-native media supply chain workflows and open API integrate with qibb’s media workflow connectors to ensure the automatic transfer of local files to the cloud and vice versa. It said the collaboration unlocks new possibilities for Ateliere Connect customers who want to retain their on-premises operation while benefiting from the cloud.

3. Ateliere and qibb partner on hybrid storage workflows

Ateliere and qibb have partnered to support hybrid storage workflows

Dan Goman, CEO at Ateliere, said: “This partnership is not just about technology; it’s about delivering value. Support for hybrid workflows is critical for us as we work to make our solutions more accessible to businesses who are not yet fully operating in the cloud. Our partnership with qibb extends our offerings to companies that store and heavily leverage content on on-premises storage yet want the added benefits that the cloud provides.”

Roman Holzhause, CTO at Qibb, added: “At qibb, we’re experts at making media applications work together smoothly. Ateliere is a great example to show how we can connect to services outside of our Node Catalog. Via our community-based GraphQL connector, all Ateliere objects, events, job creation and workflow progress become available. This allows integrating Ateliere seamlessly with more than 100 third-party applications in the qibb catalogue, including leading media applications and cutting-edge AI solutions. Together, we will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by enabling customised workflows and automations.”