Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin announced a partnership with dynamic ad insertion specialist Yospace on a joint offering for live streaming that aims to help broadcasters provide better ad services to brands and advertisers.

Bitmovin and Yospace said their shared goal is to optimise the quality of experience for live-streaming audiences by ensuring that Yospace’s server side ad insertion (SSAI) is compatible with Bitmovin’s live encoder.


Stefan Lederer, Bitmovin

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder at Bitmovin, said: “Live streaming is the apple of the consumer’s eye, and this has expanded beyond sports. What we have found is that for live streaming, quality is everything. Audiences are happy with a small delay to their live stream as long as the quality is as high as possible, without any interruptions or buffering. Whilst others may chase down the lowest possible latency, at Bitmovin, we want to provide the ultimate viewing experience that delivers a high-quality video to make audiences feel a part of the action. In the new streaming era, this includes seamless advertising.”

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, added: “Live events have the power to tap into an audience’s collective imagination and create water-cooler conversations that advertisers love but are struggling to find anywhere else. The combination of Bitmovin’s Live Encoder and Yospace’s SSAI creates a very powerful advertising proposition for broadcasters, who can tap into that unique value of live events and maximise advertising revenues at scale.”