Bridge Technologies is extending JPEG XS support to its VB330 Appliance, which can monitor thousands of streams in backbone networks and central head-ends. It already comes as standard on the VB440.

JPEG XS delivers a similar level of compression to that of the JPEG 2000 standard and can operate across both PTP and ‘traditional’ transport streams. Meanwhile, the Timeline ‘content’ option has also been extended to cover JPEG XS streams. This allows for both thumbnails and measurement metadata to be recorded directly to the appliance for up to four days (or in the case of the software probe, extended through disk expansion). This means that data can be held and archived locally – including visualisation of thumbnails and identification of Quality of Experience issues such as black frames, freeze frames, sound intensity and MOS scoring.

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Bridge Technologies’ VB appliances now come with additional functionalities

All of the existing functionality that the VB330 provided for other formats has now been extended to the JPEG XS standard, across both appliance and software versions of the probe. This means that up to 2000 multicasts using the JPEG XS standard or up to 50Gb of capacity, with the optional 2x 25Gb option, can be monitored, with comprehensive deep-dive metrics of the data presented in an intuitive, usable manner; including measurements of bit rate, packet drop and excess jitter, as well as continuous thumbnail decode for validation of the data. Alarming across all streams and measurement metrics can also be set.

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Simen K Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies, said: “Most usefully for our customers, we are the only company which does all this in a regular web browser – a user can even access this on their cell phone if they wanted to. This means that the main device can be left where the switches are, and up to eight users can connect at once, with very low latency.”

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