Launching at IBC, Magellan Connect is an extension to the Magellan Control System that enables the broadcast routing control platform to manage signals in ground-to-cloud applications.

According to Imagine Communications, the new product leverages established encoding and secure delivery techniques for signal transport along the ground/cloud signal path. Integrating with AWS MediaConnect and TechEx MWEdge endpoints, Magellan Connect creates an end-to-end routing environment allowing simple ‘single-take routing’ to connect signals, regardless of whether they are on-prem or in-cloud.


Imagine is extending its broadcast routing control system into the cloud

John Mailhot, CTO of Infrastructure, Imagine Communications, said: “Imagine recognises that the mix of ground and cloud is subject to individual economic and operational considerations. With the launch of Magellan Connect, we’re helping our customers leverage the benefits of on-prem and cloud, maintain a consistent operational approach and transition at a pace that works with their business.”

Already well-established for facility routing, Magellan Control is compatible with SDI, SMPTE ST2110, VSF TR-08 JPEG-XS and MPEG-2 TS signals. Magellan Connect extends these capabilities to the cloud, incorporating intelligent path-sharing and switching functions so that operationally, the cloud and ground act the same and have access to the same sources and destinations.

Stand Number: 2.A17, 2.A15, 1.BS9

Company: Imagine Communications