Controlling costs, delivering live low latency and ad insertion are the top three challenges that video developers are experiencing with video technology, according to a new report from Bitmovin.

The streaming infrastructure provider’s sixth annual Video Developer Report found that the video developer community continues to strive for innovation even in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, whilst also reflecting the most significant recent change in entertainment streaming: advertising-supported business models.


VDR by Bitmovin

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin, said: “The consumer world is demanding high-quality live streaming of the largest events around the globe. Our latest report shows the video developer community still understands consumer demands and is endeavouring to innovate live streaming services at scale. The report also shows just how rapidly the areas for innovation can change in the streaming industry; you only have to look at how important ad-insertion innovation has become to understand this.”

To read more, you can download the report here.