Seagate recently launched its Lyve Edge Storage and Data Transfer Services in Europe. The edge-to-cloud mass storage platform is built for widespread users “to capture the unstructured data explosion”.

Lyve can store everything by capturing massive volumes of unstructured data while promising to reduce IT costs with “unrivalled cost per petabyte and a predictable as-a-service consumption model”.


Seagate’s new Lyve Mobile array with up to 96TB of storage capacity

By being on the edge it can be closer to the data source and bypass the public internet. It can also interconnect with any cloud or computer platforms. It allows users to move data to wherever it creates the most value with zero egress or access fees plus support for rapid data transfer across edge and cloud storage environments. Seagate maintains this way means “data is never static. It’s dynamic and fluid. It’s alive”.

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Besides its new services, which include Lyve Cloud (S3 storage as a service), Lyve Mobile (for mass data transfer) and Lyve Managed Migration services, it has also released new hardware with its selection of Lyve Mobile data shuttles and arrays. These enable media and entertainment businesses to move mass data quickly, securely, and simply from endpoints to the edge and to the landing destination of its data, whether that is private, public or hybrid clouds.

 It can have up to 96TB of storage capacity in a single array, while the data shuttles are ideal for ingesting video on location at 8TB or 16TB per shuttle, with Seagate Secure Encryption.

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