A new cloud service called Gagl is to deliver conferenced audio from multiple contributors to Comrex hardware codecs in high quality.

Gagl allows between one and five users to send and receive audio from computers and smartphones. Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. Their audio is conferenced (if there’s more than one user) and delivered to a Comrex hardware codec such as Access or Bric-Link II. All participants can hear other participants, and the codec can send audio back to them.


Gagl delivers conferenced audio from multiple contributors in high quality

Comrex suggests that Gagl could be used as the hub for a round-robin reporting program or for a ‘morning zoo’ radio show to support multiple simultaneous connections at once. Because it offers low latency, it’s appropriate for call-in talk radio. Gagl could also be used to allow a single contributor to connect back to the studio from a computer or smartphone.

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Designed with audio quality in mind, Gagl provides stable connections with limited bandwidth. The system uses the Opus audio encoder, with a bit rate that delivers both voice and music in excellent quality, according to Comrex.

Gagl also delivers audio directly to a Comrex codec with all the stability enhancements, pro-grade audio connections, and features that hardware codecs provide. With a simple user interface, the company claims Gagl is easy for users with any level of technical expertise to use.

The cloud-based service will be available by the end of 2021.

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