The new Godox KnowLED MG1200Bi COB LED light provides a full 1200W power output across all colour temperatures from 2800K-6500K, outputting up to 86,100 lux at 5600K at 3m with the optional Fresnel lens, similar to a 1.8kW PAR, with a TLCI of 96+.

It features a new G-Mount system with electronic pins to recognise accessories with access to a comprehensive light shaping system, as well as various professional control options (DMX512/RDM, LumenRadio CRMX, Ethernet and Luminair, among others). As well as IP54 weather resistance, it sports 11 built-in lighting effects and precise adjustment, with dimming from 0.1% to 100% using four dimming curves (linear, s-curve, exponential, logarithmic).


Power packed: The Godox KnowLED MGI1200Bi LED light

Also new is the P600Bi Hard, a relatively lightweight (10kg) 650W 30x30cm panel light, delivering 93,800 lux at 1m, for large-area lighting. It has diverse professional control connections, with external antennae and automatic frequency hopping. The bi-colour unit (2800-6500K) has a TLCI rating of 96+ and offers dimming in precise 0.1% adjustments.

Stand Number: 12.F42

Company: Godox Photo Equipment