The International Association for Broadcast & Media (IABM) has announced the EMEA Member Council for the term 2023-2025. Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media, has been selected as a member of the regional council, which plays a communications role in the industry between members and customers across Europe.

The IABM introduced the regional councils in 2017 and the EMEA council is intended to fully represent European views, ideas, and initiatives. As an owner of the IBC, the global broadcasting conference, IABM ensures opportunities for collaboration contributing to the success of the industry overall via many events and content programmes. Other regional councils include the Americas and APAC, as well as a national UK council.

Ajey-Anand_Norigin-Media portrait

Ajey Anand

Anand, who co-founded Norigin Media, is no stranger to the dynamic landscape of OTT and TV Everywhere and brings 20 years of experience and expertise within the TV space. He also founded the Nordic OTT & TV streaming conference, Northern Waves TV, which is held annually in Oslo, Norway.

Anand said: “It is an honour and I am enthusiastic about learning from the existing and new members alongside the prospect of addressing the diverse challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our industry. Norigin Media is committed to fostering a more cohesive market in Europe, and I look forward to contributing to the Council’s mission.”