IBC2023 attracted lots of visitors, but were they the sort exhibitors were hoping for? We asked them, ‘was it good for you?’

“It’s the most successful IBC ever regarding the number of leads we are getting here and also the biggest IBC for us in terms of space,” said Christian Bockskopf, Director Marketing and Communications, Riedel Communications. “We got more leads on the first day than in the whole of IBC2018.”

In the lead IBC exhibitors report rise in good leads at the show

Simply red: Riedel’s Christian Bockskopf on its busy stand at IBC

“It’s great to see IBC continue its comeback. We’re seeing more footfall than last year, which is great,” said Rachel Archibald, Director of Marketing, Clear-Com. “There is lots of interest in our role-based workflow, which offers an efficiency that’s critical in today’s broadcast production.”

“We have been very busy. Last year was just as busy, but it was more networking. This year we are back to normal,” said Michael Lätzsch, Division Manager, Broadcast and Professional Video Division, Ikegami Electronics (Europe). “We are getting visitors from all over the world, and good leads.”

“We booked more meetings this year than in pre-Covid times, which is a good thing. And the stand has been packed at times. We couldn’t have accommodated more people on our booth,” said Fabien Pisano, Sales Head for Sony Media Solutions for Europe.

“A lot of people have been coming to talk about our new lighting. Most are dealers, distributors or rental houses rather than individual filmmakers, which is a good thing. We need to expand our distribution channel, so this show has really brought us a lot of customers,” said Junnia Wei, LED Marketing Supervison, Godox Photo Equipment. The biggest interest was in its cinematic lighting.

“We’ve met with the people we’ve wanted to meet with. We’ve seen a lot of people from South East Asia, particularly India,” which was a welcome surprise, said Archibald.

IBC2023 was also particularly good for “meeting people from all over the world,” agreed Bockskopf.

“It’s been very good. We’ve had lots of traffic and a lot of international visitors,” said Chris Shaw, COO, Cobalt Digital

“We’ve won a couple of awards and are getting a lot of interest in our new IP multiviewer, the new SDI-12G router and the ultra-low latency decoder. It’s been very positive.”

“It’s definitely been a good show. What has been noticeable has been the quality of the visitors. We’ve had lots of solid leads to follow up when we get back home,” said Andrew Coomber, International Sales Development Manager, Rotolight.

One of the things Coomber likes most about IBC is that “we meet people who use kit, and the feedback is invaluable to us”.

“The industry is picking up,” said Shaw, “but there is a concern about geopolitics that makes it difficult to forecast six months ahead. Otherwise, we’ve been very strong in sports broadcasting, particularly in the US, and in streaming.”

Interest in innovation

Riedel “launched MediorNet HorizoN and it’s the first time we showed our live production portfolio at IBC, and both are getting a lot of interest. Intercom is still a driver for our business, and we’re getting new customers for that too”.

For Ikegami, “the request for system cameras is high, especially for sophisticated cameras with HDR, IP, high frame rates and particularly for wireless cameras,” said

Lätzsch. “The new wireless integrated camera is making a bit splash.”

At Sony, “Burano has been the star of the show. It’s the first time you’ve had such a high-end [8K] cinematic camera that can be operated by one person. There’s been a huge wave of interest in it,” said Pisano.

Sony’s new Verona (“one of the best displays in the world”, claimed Pisano) has generated a lot of orders, particularly from rental houses “because it can be mounted and de-mounted really fast”. It is aimed at virtual production, which had a big impact at the show. “This is huge. It is going to grow, grow, grow.”

The other major Sony area is Networked Live, its Nevion IP workflow, for sports, events and news, which is being driven by the move to remote production.

As for Rotolight, “there has been an outstandingly positive reaction to launching the new Anova Pro III, which is getting a lot of positive feedback from DoPs, news organisations and rental companies”, said Coomber.