A range of compact Smart Lite pixel tube lights is set to be introduced by Kenro, offering dynamic lighting effects in an easily portable package.

Azaria Frost, Marketing Manager, Kenro, said: “They are super versatile and will be very accessibly priced for what they are.”

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Tubular gels: Azaria Frost shows off the Smart Lite pixel tube lights

They come in three sizes: 26cm, 65cm and 125cm, and offer gel effects, seven customisable pixel effects and standard special effects. They have built-in batteries that can be charged via USB-C or AC power, offering a run time of about three hours at 100% (or 1.5 hours for the 26cm version).

There are also a host of new accessories for Kenro’s Compact LED COB light, including: a battery handle with built-in 20,700mAh battery for DC and USB-C power; a Bowens Mount adapter; a 55cm diameter soft box with Bowens S-type mount and fabric grid; and a 7in mini tripod and handgrip. The COB will also be available in a new RGB version (in addition to the existing bi-colour model).

Stand Number: 12.H69

Company: Kenro