The new Mimik 120 is claimed to be “the first IP-driven light in the world”, and is aimed primarily at the VR production market.

It uses five-colour chips (warm white, cool white, red, green and blue). It takes the RGB video wall signal and converts that into a full-spectrum output, pushing out 10,000-nits brightness. It also allows users to shoot at frame rates as high as 960 frames per second.

Kino Flo 1 eDaily 2023-06-15

Morphy: Mimik 120 is world’s “first IP-driven light”

David Morphy, Director of Kino Flo’s distributor Cirro Lite, said: “[It is] a hybrid video panel light specifically designed to provide broad spectrum lighting in the foreground or on the subject in virtual production studios.”

The unit is built from carbon fibre and is designed so it can be stacked like a video wall, flown as a ceiling, or put on traditional lighting rigs. It is driven by Megapixel VR’s Helios LED processor and can be controlled either through the Helios processor or by assigning functions to the lighting desk.

The Mimik system was shown as a prototype at IBC last year and is now shipping. “There is a lot of buzz around this,” said Morphy.

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Company: Kino Flo - Chauvet Lighting