Rick Young, Head of Global Products at LTN, said the company is investing “very heavily” in EMEA as it continues to move beyond its origins as a North American company. 

“The last several years, we’ve built out a facility in Cologne, Germany. We continue to hire more folks in this part of the world … next year, we’ll be moving into a new and bigger facility in Cologne. We take our investment in EMEA quite seriously. It is where we’re headed next, the rest of the world will follow after that,” he said. “We’re doubling and tripling down,” he added.  

LTN sets sights on EMEA

LTN sets sights on EMEA

Young noted that sports are a big driver in this region. He said building direct-to-fan relationships rather than going through third parties has been “really successful for us in North America. And this part of the world is now picking that up. That’s a big driver to get us into this market.” 

During IBC, LTN is showcasing IP-based products including LTN Wave and LTN Arc that are aimed at helping media companies to create, version, and monetise content across multiple platforms and regions. 

The company is confident that shifting to IP-based video transport is top of the agenda for many business leaders in the broadcast and media sector.  

In terms of the recent hype about AI, particularly generative AI, Young thinks that while everyone is talking about it this year, next year will see more concrete AI implementations. 

“We tend to think about AI as a driver to streamline, high-volume, high-scale, live event production services,” he said. “It’s taking it and driving production processes in a really efficient way.” 

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