Mobius Labs is set to showcase its latest generation of AI-powered computer vision products for fast analysis of video content, providing broadcasters with new ways to search, discover, analyse and manage live and on-demand video content.

This includes brand and logo detection, face recognition, content recommendation and product placement that improves audience engagement and content monetisation. Mobius Labs calls its technology Superhuman Vision, and claims it can be added to any application, device and process with Few-shot Learning models.


AI-powered computer vision products are desinged for fast analysis of video content

Appu Shaji, CEO and Chief Scientist, Mobius Labs, said: “Many media and broadcasting companies around the world are already leveraging computer vision technology to streamline their workflows and productively manage their content archives. We’re thrilled to perceive and contribute to this transformation and are hoping to see engaging discussions about this at IBC 2022.”

The team will also present exclusive demos of the company’s technology including real-life use-cases and client stories. Attendees will be able to see how organisations benefit from in-depth image tagging, custom training, live content moderation and logo detection, tailored for broadcasting.

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Company: Mobius Labs