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    GB News picks Ai-Media


    Live subtitling, transcription and translation specialist Ai-Media launched 24/7 live subtitling on GB News, which became the first broadcaster in the UK to implement Ai-Media’s subtitling technology and infrastructure.

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    Generative AI and sustainability: Vital, but at a price


    Featuring four of the 30 experts who helped the DPP compile its ‘free to all’ annual predictions report, the webinar titled The Year Ahead in Media was a great taster event marked by the use of key 2023 lingo like ‘actionable insights’. DPP CEO Mark Harrison, led the event, reports ...

  • Audience Insights
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    Audience engagement: What broadcasters can learn from YouTube and Twitch


    Online content distribution platforms like YouTube have caused massive shift in thinking, one that led some to prematurely predict the end of more traditional forms of broadcasting, writes Andrew Williams.

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    Cloud, AI, FAST and more: a look ahead to 2023


    January is only just coming to an end, but anticipation is already building for the next IBC, which as usual will take place at the Amsterdam RAI in September. In the meantime, Content Everywhere companies are polishing their crystal balls and making predictions about what might lie ahead for the ...

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    2023: What to Expect


    ”May you live in interesting times”, as the popular saying (or ancient curse, depending on your interpretation) goes, and certainly 2023 is set to be very interesting indeed. From the global financial outlook and its repercussions, to the accelerating pace of technological change, there’s plenty ahead to give food for ...

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    Top 10 Trends of 2022: FAST, AI, Virtual production and more


    There’s no arguing it, 2022 has seen quite a few ups and downs - the fact that the Collins Dictionary word of the year was ‘permacrisis’ says a lot. On the positive side though, a return to more normal social mixing post-pandemic has lifted spirits. We’ve seen the return of ...

  • World Cup 2022 FIFA debut data innovations at World Cup Qatar
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    World Cup 2022: FIFA debut data innovations at World Cup Qatar


    Players, teams and officials at the World Cup 2022 will benefit from AI driven analysis for offside checks, performance stats and a sensor in the match ball, reports Adrian Pennington

  • Mohamed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director General, Emirates News Agency (WAM)
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Mohamed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director General, Emirates News Agency

    2022-11-09T13:01:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC365 speaks with Emirates News Agency (WAM) Director General Mohamed Jalal Al Rayssi on the challenges and future of the media industry ahead of the upcoming Global Media Congress in Abu Dhabi.

  • Managed services -Adding value in content distribution

    Panel: Managed services: Adding value in content distribution


    IBC2022: As streaming complements, and sometimes supplants, broadcast, this session considers the role and relevance of managed services for broadcasters and content owners facing up to the challenge of convergence and disruption to long established commercial models.

  • Trint - AI powered content

    Demo: Trint: An AI-powered live transcription and content creation platform


    IBC2022: Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows users to quickly craft narratives from transcribed audio or video. This presentation runs through a typical workflow that thousands of customers do daily.

  • From SVOD to multi-dimensional business models

    Panel: From SVOD to multi-dimensional business models


    IBC2022: OTT media businesses need to invest heavily in content, technology and marketing to standout and survive in a highly competitive market. To turn a profit, do these businesses need to start looking beyond one dimensional business models and consider Average Cost Per User (ACPU) as well as Average Revenue ...

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    Preserving assets: Taking the long view on ML and AI


    The challenges of asset archiving have broadened in recent years, according to an expert panel. Speaking on the IBC webinar, ‘Preserving assets’, Bríd Dooley, Head of Archives at RTÉ explained that while the traditional requirements of an archive were very much still in play, increasingly new demands are being surfaced:

  • Philippe Mendes mediatree

    Demo: Keywords media monitoring system


    IBC2022: Keywords has now integrated the automated detection of text in images. This year, Mediatree have worked to improve this monitoring solution to meet more client needs. Previously, the solution searched audio visual content to identify all verbal instances of keywords entered via a search bar. Today, artificial intelligence also ...

  • How AI can lower costs and increase efficiency in content creation
  • 5-Watch-Obi-Wan-Kenobi-Full-episodes-Disney- 3x2

    Darth Vader’s James Earl Jones approves AI technology to recreate his voice


    James Earl Jones, the voice behind Star Wars’ Darth Vader, is stepping away from the role at 91-years-old – and has reportedly granted permission for Disney and Lucasfilm to use artificial intelligence and archival recordings to recreate his voice for future films and series.

  • Technical papers - How AI is advancing media production

    Technical papers: How AI is advancing media production


    IBC2022: The capabilities of artificial intelligence continue to surprise, and nowhere is this more evident than its ability to interpret video imagery and human speech. But can AI also be genuinely creative? And if so can its output be protected and exploited like human creative work? This session will ...

  • TNW Gaming & Sports

    TNW Talks @ IBC: Gaming & Sports


    IBC2022: Technology is changing how we interact and experience sports, esports, and gaming experiences at lightning speed. Richer environments for the users not only enhance their journey but also unlocks a wider breadth of data analytics, marketing, and advertising opportunities. Advancements in gaming engines are accelerating the boom of the ...

  • What's Next Emmersive Nonny Amelia_BR_3098
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    Making immersive tech a force for good


    What’s Next in Emmersive Tech with Nonny de la Peña

  • D3 - Conf - Metaverse _BR_3026 3x2

    IBC2022 Day 2 Recap: Nonny de la Pena, Metaverse, Disney AI


    Here’s what happened on Day 2 of IBC2022, as the IBC Conference continued and speakers talked about subjects ranging from AI to the Metaverse.

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    Funding boost for Multimodal AI indexing


    AI and cloud media company Newsbridge has used IBC to announce that it has raised €7 million in a Series A funding round to continue its expansion to the US and hire top AI and media engineering talent to boost its R&D in AI-based indexing for media assets. Supernova Invest ...