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    Industry Trends

    Review & approval and the focus on immediate review capabilities


    The $1bn purchase of by Adobe might have taken some by surprise, but it underlines the importance of having powerful review & approval functionality, writes David Davies.

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    IBC2021 Accelerators: AI bias detection


    This Al Jazeera-led project, which is a continuation of last year’s AI content moderation Accelerator project, focuses on a topic of significant reputational value to broadcasters; how to detect, measure and flag bias in the representation and portrayal of diverse genders, cultures and ethnicities, to ensure fairness and transparency in ...

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    Intel: Intelligent Ad Insertion

    2020-09-04T10:20:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Using Intel AI-based technology, Content Delivery Network and Over-The-Top media providers can determine what ads are most relevant to their viewers based on objects detected in the scene. This provides the opportunity for increased revenue with ads that have higher retention and impact by targeting what the viewer ...

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    Intel: Smart City

    2020-09-03T13:59:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Intel’s Smart City technology utilizes ready-to-use Open Visual Cloud software stacks to simplify application development. This Smart City demo is an end-to-end reference application for traffic management.

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    Next gen TV technologies now at bat in sports

    2020-07-16T14:09:00Z Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: ML, AI and next gen TV are driving the sports entertainment revolution: find out how to leverage opportunities in this Fincons Group whitepaper.

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    Industry Trends

    IBC2020 Accelerators: Live Content Moderation


    Al Jazeera, RTÉ, Reuters and AP have partnered on an IBC Accelerator which seeks to enable media organisations to protect the integrity of their content and brands while achieving significant efficiencies, writes Ian Volans.

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    Tech Expert: Inside AI


    Video: In the third of a series of explainer videos, IABM’s Lorenzo Zanni details the technology behind, and applications of, artificial intelligence (AI).

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    Thought Leadership

    Why immersive tech need artificial intelligence


    The combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be “mind blowing and profitable,” according to Lorenzo Zanni and Stan Moote.

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    Bots and their role in media and entertainment


    Bots hit the headlines this week when it was revealed that chatbots developed by Facebook had apparently started communicating in their own language.

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    Artificial intelligence in broadcasting


    Just how much adoption of AI is happening across the broadcast ecosystem?