The Paragon convolution reverb plug-in is being showcased in Hall 7 with fresh updates, including a mono/stereo-only version.

Paragon operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, and offers full control of the decay, room size and brightness modelled on 3D recordings of real spaces. New presets and an improved browser, with search, tagging and favourite functions, have been added. These elements are especially important to people working on shows with exterior scenes. Additionally, a new browser for presets makes it easier for users to organise them, further expediting the creative process.

NugenAudio-3-AP-pix-mb MAN

The plug-in offers an “unprecedented level of tweak-ability”, according to Nugen

Paragon ST is the mono/stereo-only version of the software, featuring a series of further updates to Paragon surround. This includes new stereo width controls, which provide instant stereo enhancement with the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts.

Additionally, the new mic distance control adjusts the level of the early reverb reflections, giving the impression that the affected sound is either closer to or further away from the listener, without adjusting the characteristics of the space itself. The added modulation function gives users a greater level of creativity and a dynamic character to the reverb.

Stand Number: 7.P11

Company: Nugen Audio