Atomos has introduced its latest operating system, AtomOS 11, running on its newly revamped Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun and Shogun Ultra monitor-recorders. The OS offers more codec choices; a new UI; improved functionality; efficient camera to cloud workflows; and the new Atomos RemoteView. 

It now offers: scheduled playback and recording, including timelapse; greater support for industry-standard tools, such as Arri false colour; and Segment Pro which gives control over the size of clips (it can automatically segment by size or time). 

OS turns it up to 11

Unleashing the mighty AtomOS: CEO Trevor Elbourne 

“RemoteView allows remote monitoring across the public internet,” said Atomos CEO, Trevor Elbourne. Users can share live views from an Atomos screen with other Atomos monitors, as well as with iOS, Macs and Apple TV wirelessly, for remote monitoring of what’s happening on-set and access to connected cameras from anywhere. Each view can be configured independently, so an Apple TV could display quad view, while an iPad might have two feeds displayed. “The signal also gets looped out over HDMI and SDI, so you can use it to pull signals into a traditional switching infrastructure,” he explained. 

The Ultra models gain new cloud features, such as being able to record Raw and Proxies at the same time as uploading proxies for immediate review or editing on the cloud. All the hardware also gains WiFi 6 (plus the 6GHz WiFi 6E for the Ultras).  

Stand Number: 11.D25 

Company URL: Atomos