Phenix Real Time Solutions and Videon formed a partnership to enable customers to provide real-time streaming services at scale.

Customers can now utilise a joint solution comprising Videon’s edge computing platform and Phenix’ real-time transcoding and distribution network. The pair claim that the joint offering enables interactive streaming with less than half a second latency and synchronised viewing.


Roy Reichbach, Phenix

Roy Reichbach, CEO at Phenix, said: “Partnering with Videon allows Phenix to focus on its core mission of delivering the highest quality interactive real-time streaming experiences. We are working with a leader in real-time video edge computing to deliver the best solution to our customers.”

Todd Erdley, president and founder at Videon, added that the combined product “enables a host of interactive use cases including sports, betting, gamification, watch parties, multi-angle streaming, live events, auctions, and trivia.”

Audio, video, and metadata sources are provided via SDI or HDMI to Videon’s edge computing platform. These sources are converted using AAC, H.264 codecs, and packaged with the metadata into SRT or RTMP streams.

The streams are contributed to the Phenix cloud’s nearest point of presence (PoP), which then transcodes the stream into multi-bitrate WebRTC output for distribution to global audiences.

HLS and MPEG-DASH outputs can be generated when desired for VOD recording and replay. Phenix real-time streams are available to playback on any WebRTC capable device, including web, iOS, and Android.