Major updates to the Elements platform were on show at IBC, as the company advances the concept of a centralised media platform giving access to high-performance, on-premise storage together with cloud storage.

The company gave stand visitors a preview of tools in the Media Library, the Elements Client, the permissions management layer and Automation Engine to allow users to realise the full potential of Hybrid Cloud, even without any technical knowledge.


Milovanovic: ’We will have an additional layer of functionality on top of the cloud

Filip Milovanovic, Sales Engineer for Elements, said: “Cloud storage is going to get more and more massive and more and more useful. But at the moment, it’s quite restricted in functionality. It’s basically a separate island from your on-premise storage. So what Elements has done is started merging those two things together. We already have a framework of great functionality in our in our web UI. If we make that work with cloud storage, then we will have this additional layer of functionality on top of the cloud.”

Just one of hybrid cloud features to be introduced next year will allow users to mount cloud workspaces in the Elements client with a single click.

“The editors accessing it don’t even know that it’s actually Amazon, Backblaze or Google Cloud or anything else,” added Milovanovic. “You don’t have to give out multiple access accounts, you can just give one Elements account. You can also mix and match; you can have multiple cloud accounts for multiple use cases.”

Stand Number: 7.B25

Company: Elements