Spectra Logic has released Vail, which it describes as a pivotal addition to its data storage and management ecosystem.

A distributed software designed to provide universal access and placement of data across multi-site and multi-cloud storage, Vail is claimed to enable seamless hybrid and multi-cloud workflows. The company says it can unify and safeguard data, no matter where that data is located, whether in the cloud, multiple clouds, or on premises in multiple sites, anywhere in the world.

Spectra Logic-1

Throwing a Vail around the world – Vail’s Dashboard Map

Spectra Logic is fortifying its entire range, including its StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software, and its family of enterprise-class tape library systems, against the impact of ransomware and other cyberthreats with the addition of (patent pending) ‘Attack-Hardened’ features that help protect customers from cyber attacks, and offer them improved business continuity through rapid restore of clean data after an attack.

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Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic, said: “With the increase in global ransomware attacks, as well as Spectra’s success in prevailing against a malicious attack, we have added a host of Attack-Hardened features into our entire suite of solutions to enhance ransomware resiliency for our customers.”

The new portfolio also includes the expansion of the Spectra’s BlackPearl multi-purpose hybrid storage platform, which now includes a native S3 interface providing local on-premises S3-standard object storage. BlackPearl S3 enables bidirectional synchronisation of data between public cloud and on-premises storage. It helps to protect data from external and internal threats with attack-hardened features such as triggered snapshots, multi-factor authentication, encryption and virtual air gap for ransomware mitigation.

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