Sweden-based telecoms and TV services provider Sappa selected media processing and delivery technology specialist Appear and Magine Pro, a B2B managed services platform for OTT, for its OTT linear distribution media workflow including fully on-premise transcoding.

Sappa has migrated its existing cloud-based workflow to Appear’s NEO20 on-premise live transcoding solution. The workflow fully integrates into Magine Pro’s Media Cloud Packaging and end-to-end OTT platform.

7. Sweden’s Sappa picks Appear and Magine Pro

Sappa picks Appear and Magine Pro for its OTT linear distribution media workflow

Sappa provides broadband, telephony, cable/IPTV and streaming services to over 400,000 customers.

Marcus Sundh, Head of Business Development at Sappa, said: “Appear has been our trusted encoding and distribution partner for over a decade, and its NEO20 solution was the perfect choice for us when looking to move our OTT transcoding from the cloud to on-premise. It is both HEVC and UHD enabled, so when we upgrade with UHD channels in the future, it is just a matter of adding hardware accelerated boards without the need for any extra rack space, and with very low power consumption. Magine Pro has been our close partner since we started our Play and OTT services, and cooperation has made it easier for us to focus on content, marketing and distribution”