Paul Segre, CEO of Synamedia, said IBC was something of a coming out party for the company, which has been undergoing a transformation process in the past few years. 

Today, new focus areas for the company are cloud-type architectures, the edge, low latency and streaming architectures. 


Segre: Moving to the cloud is essential to address cost and innovation pressures

Segre noted that the company is still nevertheless focused on the “same functional domains as before, and we talk about engaging customers, which is all about user experience, and content aggregation and discovery, and advertising to hit the right price points and give a good experience,” he said. 

In order to illustrate how far Synamedia has come in the past three years, Segre said around a dozen products were on display in Hall 5 that “at best” were prototypes at the last IBC in 2019. “And now, every one of these systems, all of the demonstrations now are live,” he said. 

Segre said cloud is important because the “whole industry is under a ton of cost pressure” while also facing a pressing need to innovate.  

“The way to rationalise those two seemingly independent things is to deliver things in the cloud, in a true SaaS model, not just hosted in the cloud. If you do it in a true SaaS model, you can innovate much more quickly,” he said. 

Segre added that although the industry may have become more innovative after two years of lockdowns, it remains very risk-averse and is still lagging behind in cloud transformation. 

Stand Number: 5.A69 

Company: Synamedia