Telescript will show NDI in action at IBC, having become the first company to offer NDI-enabled monitors, including 4x3 prompter displays as well 16x9 reference monitors.

NDI is a royalty-free networking technology that allows frame-accurate video, audio and data sources to be shared bidirectionally across a standard network.


Telescript’s 16x9 IP reference monitors now have NDI

All of Telescript’s IP displays can now accept both full-bandwidth NDI and more compressed NDI/HX signals, the first to do so.

The new equipment will be shown integrated with NewTek’s Tricaster, NDI-enabled cameras, laptops running NDI’s Screen Capture and Studio Monitor as well as various NDI converters, to demonstrate how NDI works in practice.

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Chris O’Brien, president, Telescript, said: “NewTek’s commitment to growing NDI in the marketplace is the main reason we decided to integrate NDI into our products. NDI 5 tools, along with the addition of NDI Bridge makes it the strongest IP delivery method in the industry.”

Jim Murphy, product support and development, Telescript, added: “Whether you’re implementing 2110 or going with NDI as your only IP delivery method, it’s the product that every IP production needs to use.”

Stephen Simons, business development at NDI, part of Vizrt, said: “The present – and future – of a fully-integrated NDI broadcast environment necessitates the adoption of NDI-enabled display. Telescript’s inclusion of both NDI/HX and Full NDI is unique and inspired.”

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