Designed for all levels of content creator, Western Digital has introduced two new desktop hard drive units from its SanDisk Professional line.  

SanDisk’s Professional G-Drive Project has a Thunderbolt 3 interface and supports daisy-chain for up to five devices. It is also compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 2, and its 7200rpm hard drive delivers up to 22TB capacity and 260mbps read/write speed. 

Western Digital unveils desktop drives for content creatives

Western Digital says the G-Drive Project and G-Raid Mirror are designed for all content creators  

Meanwhile, the SanDisk Professional G-Raid Mirror has a capacity of up to 44TB on two 7200RPM hard drives. The system operates a mirror mode for peace of mind: shipping in RAID 1 with content automatically duplicating onto the second drive for full data redundancy, users can change to JBOD or RAID 0 by flipping a switch and with no requirement to download an app or install special software. 

The unit also features a Pro-Blade SSD mag slot to offload, copy or edit content directly from a Pro-Blade SSD mag. 

“From YouTube to Switch to TikTok, there is a huge amount of content produced every single day,” said Grace Ensell, EMEA Sales Manager, SanDisk Professional. “These products are designed for photographers, videographers and anyone who creates content to provide options for local editing and long-term storage.” 

Stand Number: 8.MS24, 8.MS25 

Company: Western Digital