German media group RTL Deutschland and advertising technology provider Yospace are jointly testing targeted, digital spot exchanges in collaboration with advertising sales specialist IP Deutschland.

Yospace, which was acquired by RTL Group in January 2019, specialises in server-side dynamic ad insertion (SSDAI) solutions. The technology enables ads to be exchanged in the video stream, both in live streams and during on-demand viewing. The advertising technology is first being tested in VOX’s live stream on TVNOW.


Yospace, an advertising technology provider, specialises in server-side dynamic as insertion (SSDAI) solutions

Jens Pöppelmann, Director Media Operation at IP Deutschland, sees the test as a first step. “We see DAI as a future market and additional key pillar in video advertising sales and expect SSDAI to become the standard in premium streaming services. Consequently, we’re planning an even deeper technical integration of Yospace’s technology, to enable us in the medium term to propose the offering for all live streams and subsequently also for our on-demand content. This will enable us to create even greater incentives for advertisers.”

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, said when ads are inserted digitally, “the power of television advertising and online advertising come together, such as targeting, linking and enhanced measurement. Rather than assembling television content and video advertising from two different sources, our technology integrates both into a single stream, guaranteeing a seamless transition.”

Sewell said the company is already working with many well-known broadcasters, telcos and pay-TV operators in Europe, the USA and Asia and indicated that more partners from the RTL Group “will follow shortly”.