The electronic media industry has undergone many important changes both in technology and business in recent years, writes Xavier Castaño García, Partner, Igalia.

Most notably we have seen a complete shift in embedded television and set-top boxes away from proprietary components and towards open source Web technologies.

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Xavier Castaño García, Partner, Igalia

IBC has been and continues to be an important forum to meet and exchange successes and imagine what the future should look like. As an open source consultancy that helps companies build solutions based on the WPE, WebKit, Firefox and Chromium web browsers and browser engines, Igalia is proud to participate in IBC.

Web Browser Engines are nowadays the main applications that many network device manufacturers need to embed in their products. Device manufacturers are interested in creating simple, performing systems, and Web platform technologies are an important component of these systems.

Building on the web platform is an industry-wide shift, not limited to just the electronic media industry but also many other sectors (automotive, digital signage, etc.).

The new development that we are most excited about is the new WPE web engine, which was recently accepted upstream at as a new official port of WebKit and is now part of the Reference Design Kit (RDK). This open source technology is the result of a collaboration between Igalia and Metrological to deliver a high performing web browser engine targeting low-cost devices.

At IBC2017 Igalia will be showcasing the latest work in the WPE and Chromium web engines. We recommend that any delegate interested in embedding a web platform or having issues with their current solution visit our booth to discuss about the different possibilities.

“The new development that we are most excited about is the new WPE web engine, which was recently accepted upstream at”

Additionally, Igalia contributes actively to many Open Source projects including WebKit, Chromium, Servo, Mesa 3D and GStreamer. Most of these projects are state-of-the-art open source technologies and most of the big players of the industry are involved in them. We would be delighted to discuss these technologies as well at IBC2017.

Igalia will be exhibiting at IBC2017 at stand H14.N17