Epic Games has published an 80-page ‘Field Guide’ for producers who want to adopt real-time video-game technologies for broadcast and live events.

Epic Games’s 80-page The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide explores best practices in building, using, and maintaining an effective pipeline for successful broadcasts and live events that embrace real-time elements—and explores the role of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in those pipelines.

5. Epic Games publishes Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide

Epic Games has published a 80 page ’Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide’

Epic Games says the Guide doesn’t require deep technical knowledge or hands-on experience in the field.

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The guide offers insight on the opportunity, challenges, and future of real-time in broadcast

and live events, as well as practical guidance on establishing pipelines and workflows, rethinking team hierarchies and skill sets, and best practices for the craft.

The Guide contains tips and input from companies such as Creative Works London, Disguise, Illuminarium, Moment Factory, Myreze, The Carolina Panthers, The Weather Channel and XR Studios, showcasing real-time workflows for live sporting events, concerts, news, AR-enhanced broadcasts.

“Throughout, we’ve also spotlighted many of the best and most impactful real-time broadcast and live events projects, sharing interviews with the teams and individuals behind them,” says the Guide.

The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide explores several avenues for creating engaging content that immerses each audience member in a unique experience, one that they’ll remember (and talk about!) for years to come,” said Epic Games.

In recent years, real-time technologies have led to an explosion in innovation around broadcast and live events, giving creators a way to mix digital content with reality in a single space.

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