IABM, the international voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry, has published a comprehensive schedule of business-enhancing insights for the BaM Live™ Stage which will be running throughout IBC2022.

The programme covers all the key trends, issues and opportunities for both broadcast and media companies and tech suppliers, from 5G in live production to skills shortages and the metaverse in media and entertainment.


IBC2022: BaM Live™ Stage will showcase the challenges of the rapidly transforming M&E industry

Visitors to the BaM Live™ Stage at IBC2022 will gain a real-life understanding of how the challenges of the rapidly transforming M&E industry are being met and what the future holds. Sessions last 30 minutes and are based on case studies and conversations between leading broadcast and media executives and their tech partners. More sessions are being added daily.

Business intelligence at IBC2022

“Our deep engagement with IABM members and our Global Engaged Partners [broadcast and media executives who engage closely with IABM], combined with the in-depth industry understanding gained through our Business Intelligence Unit, give us a unique overview of, and insight into, the challenges and opportunities that face our industry,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “The program for the BaM Live™ Stage is built upon this knowledge and will, I am sure, prove invaluable to IBC visitors and exhibitors.”

“There is a goldmine of business-enhancing information from expert speakers being shared and every attendee will gain knowledge that will help them do better business,” added White.

Sessions on the BaM Live™ Stage run between 11am and 1pm, and 2pm and 4pm every day of the show at 8.F54 just outside the main entrance to Hall 8.

To see the schedule of sessions click here for all the latest additions.

The schedule so far

Friday 9 September – Transformation

  • How 5G will revolutionise sport and live event production
  • The transformative power of data
  • The right choice between on-prem, edge and cloud deployments
  • The role of social media in news production
  • Optimising viewer engagement
  • M&E in the cloud

Saturday 10 September – Convergence

  • Web3 in M&E
  • Rise of the creator economy
  • Super-aggregation and content discovery
  • Understanding QoE, data and churn
  • The Metaverse in M&E
  • Rise of virtual production
  • State of immersive technology

Sunday 11 September – Resilience

  • Supply chain resilience and skills shortages in M&E
  • Mitigating the risk of ransomware attacks
  • Data resilience through data governance
  • The future of content security
  • Agility for business resilience

Monday 12 September – Future Trends

  • Cloud localisation blueprint
  • Cross-vendor interoperability
  • Engaging event viewing experiences
  • DTG 5G Vista project
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Quality control