• Edge computing, IP, monetisation and sport on agenda for Day 2 of SHOWCASE
  • Tune in to here from likes of F1, MovieLabs, Universal Pictures, BBC, and RTE
  • Owners Programme gets underway

The second day of IBC SHOWCASE sees the IBC Owner track get underway, while edge computing, IP, monetisation and sport will all feature in the main programme.

Red Bee Media, Equinix, Dell, and Imagine Communications will all lead programme sessions, while the IABM and the IEEE BTS will also host sessions today (Wednesday 9 September).

Red Bee’s first session, Managing costs, complexity, and risk in the media and entertainment ecosystem, will look at how the industry needs to transform under the threats brought about because of the coronavirus pandemic. It features speakers from the BBC, RTE, and 3Rivers, and kicks off at 10:00 BST.

This will be followed by a session looking at what sports broadcasters’ and sports rights owners’ main priorities are as they deal with the financial fallout of Covid-19. The New World of Sports Media panel includes speakers from BT Sport, Formula 1, Two Circles, and Red Bee, and starts at 11:00 BST.

Red Bee’s final session of the day is on the Transformation of content delivery and linear playout and looks in detail at exactly where Red Bee Media is in the shift to hybrid cloud and managed services. (12:00 BST)

IBC Owners content

15:00 BST IABM - Charting the uncharted: Plotting the course for the media technology industry

16:00 BST IEEE BTS: Panel discussion: Media’s Brave New World of Interop – Microservices.

17:00 BST: IEEE BTS, OSA, EBU, MCMA and SMPTE - Escaping the Wild West of multi-vendor Cloud Services

  • Find out more about the IBC Owners Programme here

The IBC Accelerator programmes will also continue on the second day, with a session exploring The TV as Object Accelerator project aim to develop a prototype demonstrating how future TV can be personalised and delivered over IP.

Speakers include Eluvio CEO Michelle Munson, ITV’s Tim Davis and M&E Unity Technologies’ Mike Wuetherick. The session kicks off at 9:30 BST.

In the afternoon, Dell Technologies will welcome attendees to consider how leading companies large and small derive more value from technology.

The session, which kicks off at 15:00 BST, features a roundtable of media industry IT leadership, software and solution providers discussing techniques and technologies both on-premises and in the cloud being brought together and implemented in workflows around the world to accelerate time to value derived from technology investments.

Equinix will then offer up a look into edge computing, asking “Is the Media & Entertainment Industry a leader or a follower?

Join this roundtable (15:00 BST) of media software and solution providers to hear how new technologies and services both on-premises and in the cloud are being brought together and implemented in workflows around the world to accelerate time to value derived from technology investments.

The next Accelerator session explores the AI-assisted Shot Listing Accelerator project aim to exploit AI to fully automate the process of producing raw and edited content shot lists for news agencies and broadcasters. That gets underway at 16:00 BST.

At 17:00 BST MovieLabs and Universal Pictures will take part on a panel discussing how VFX can be archived as safe and usable formats, and better understand and exploit the value in VFX for film, TV & game assets, and most importantly, future-proof IP through the automation of archiving 3D components.