Netflix is extending its crackdown on password sharing to four more countries: Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

Subscribers in those countries are being asked to pay an extra fee if they want friends and family who don’t live with them to have access to their account.

2. Netflix extends password sharing crackdown to four more countries

Netflix has extended its crackdown on password sharing

The move follows a crackdown on sharing passwords in South America, and will extend to many more countries by the end of March.

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Netflix says that 100 million people around the world are sharing accounts, and that this is impacting its ability to invest in new TV and films.

“Over the last year, we’ve been exploring different approaches to address this issue in Latin America, and we’re now ready to roll them out more broadly in the coming months, starting today in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain,” said Netflix in a blog post.

Netflix said members in Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal would now be asked to set up a “primary location” for their account. Anyone who lives in their household can use their Netflix account.

Members would still be able to watch Netflix when they travelled, both on personal devices and logging in in other places, for example in a hotel or holiday, it said.

For CAD$7.99 Canadian subscribers can add an extra member as a “sub account” the blog said. In New Zealand, the fee is NZ$7.99. In Portugal the fee is €3.99 (£3.54) and Spain it is €5.99 (£5.32).

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