The shift in viewing habits continues in the US as Nielsen announced that streaming usage exceeded cable and broadcast to capture the largest share of TV viewing in July.

According to The Gauge, streaming grabbed a 34.8% share of TV viewing in July, followed by cable at 34.4% and broadcast at 21.6%. While the overall time spent watching TV was similar to June 2022 and July 2021, streaming usage increased by 3.2%.

Stranger Things 3x2


Netflix: viewers watched 18 billion minutes of Stranger Things

According to Nielsen: “audiences watched an average of 190.9 billion minutes of streamed content per week - easily surpassing the 169.9 billion minutes that audiences watched during the pandemic lockdown period back in April 2020.”

Key numbers from the Nielsen report include:

  • On a year-on-year basis, streaming volume increased 22.6%
  • Netflix increased its share from 7.7% (June 2022) to 8% (July 2022)
  • YouTube increased its share from 6.9% (June 2022) to 7.3% (July 2022)
  • Hulu increased its share from 3.3% (June 2022) to 3.6% (July 2022)
  • Amazon saw a small increase in its share from 2.9% (June 2022) to 3% (July 2022)

Netflix’s 8% share was driven by viewers who watched 18 billion minutes of Stranger Things and 11 billion minutes of Virgin River and The Umbrella Academy.

Hulu’s rise was in no small part thanks season 2 of Only Murders in the Building and The Bear, which reportedly combined for 3 billion minutes of viewing.

Amazon Prime’s new series The Terminal List, as well as a new season of superhero hit, The Boys, accounted for 8 billion viewing minutes.

This shift in viewing saw a 2% fall in cable usage and a 3.7% reduction in viewing volume for broadcast compared to June 2022. Nielsen highlights that cable sports content dropped 15.4% compared to the previous month, while broadcast sports fell 41%, due in part to the “the end of the NHL and NBA playoffs in June.”

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