This IBC365 themed week will explore the vital stage of the content value chain, where programmes and films are prepared for delivery to linear services or published to on-demand platforms.  

Through a webinar and a series of features, IBC will examine how programme makers, broadcasters and their suppliers go about ensuring content is of high quality and adheres to rigorous technical and editorial standard, is protected and secure and is available in different formats and for a variety of audiences spread across a multitude of platforms.  


Access services 

Adding subtitles, audio description and signing to broadcasters’ output ensures a broadcaster’s output is accessible to much larger audiences. But how do broadcasters ensure that targets mandates by regulators are adhered to? This article will explore the workflows, tools and techniques with a particular focus on live and late delivery content.

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Content security 

Despite the ease with which viewers can watch content on an ever-increasing range of services and devices, piracy remains a significant concern for content owners. While much of the industry’s focus is on blocking efforts to illegally obtain content and closing down piracy operations, some opt to engage with viewers of pirated content. This feature will explore the ways in which broadcasters and platforms are able to identify viewers of pirated content and how they can engage and convert them into paying customers.  

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With global streamers growing in size, the role of localised content is vital in securing new markets. This article will explore how streamers have scaled their localisation operations, examining the demands, how service providers respond to their needs and the tech they use.    

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IP Orchestration 

IP environments can be complex affairs. What are the tools and systems that allow broadcasters to manage workflows - particularly in hybrid IP and SDI environments - to make sure content moves effectively and efficiently throughout a broadcast environment?  This feature will consider aspects such as the role of software defined networks and how broadcast control systems interface with orchestration layers.  

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Review and approval 

With many teams now working remotely, the ability to seamlessly share content and provide feedback swiftly and intuitively is more important than ever. What are the tools and systems for connecting teams and external collaborators to view content and comment and collaborate? What role is the cloud playing in hosting services? And how can security of content be assured? And what impact has coronavirus and the resulting changes in the way content is made had on the review and approval process and tools used? 

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Webinar: Storage for creative teams 

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on the way film and TV is consumed and created, but what has been the impact on the way content is stored during the creative process? 
With many in the media and entertainment industry working remotely during the past year, and organisations now committing to adopting a more flexible approach to work, the ability to collaborate remotely and from multiple locations is vital. 

Speakers include:

  • Duncan Burke, head of global content services, DAZN
  • Neal Bilow, managing partner, Chromata Solutions

Join this Avid-sponsored, IBC365 webinar on Wednesday 19th of May at 2pm BST to discover how best to cater for the storage needs of increasingly agile teams that need to access media from any location. 

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Metadata is a vital element of media management, ensuring content can be currently identified and managed. With content needed on an ever-increasing array of platforms and services, many of which have different requirements, how do broadcasters and platforms ensure they have the right editorial, rights and technical information to help them find, manage and monetise their content?

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