IBC365’s latest themed week looks at the subject of capturing audience attention and how broadcasters go about making sure audiences are engaged with their content. 


Themed week: Engaging viewers

Across linear, streaming and on-demand services, the range of services and options for consuming TV and film continue to expand. With such a vast array of viewing options it is more essential than ever that broadcasters and platforms use the best tools and techniques to ensure they successfully engage with audiences. From gathering and understanding data to serving personalised ads and interactive content, this themed week will explore how content owners understand – and act – on audience needs. Through a series of features, a webinar, podcast and case studies, IBC365 will showcase the best examples of a successful approach to viewer engagement.


Multiplatform delivery
Ensuring that content is available when and where viewers want to watch is essential for broadcasters looking to deepen relationships with viewers. So how are vendors empowering content providers to deliver to more platforms without an uplift in workload? 

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The tools for building viewer engagement
In such a fragmented and competitive viewing environment, tools that can help broadcasters boost engagement with viewers are highly prized. IBC365 looks at some of the recent product launches that promise greater engagement.

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Live Streaming
Live streaming is often highlighted as a sure-fire way to boost viewer engagement, and with the ability to stream live in the hands of all smartphone users, brands and content owners are increasingly going direct to consumers. But what are the essential tools and services for those seeking to monetise their live content?

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OTT monetisation and security
The concept of a captive audience has assumed new meaning over the last 12 months as much of the world has experienced successive lockdowns. Whilst this was always likely to result in a significant increase in demand for streaming services, it has also prompted collaboration between service providers and vendors.

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Webinar: Addressable ads with VicaomCBS, Comcast and Entercom
Amid a challenging economic environment which has seen TV advertising revenue decline and audiences continue to fragment, addressable advertising could provide a welcome boost for broadcasters.

By showing different ads to different households during the same programme, broadcasters can provide targeted messaging and respond to calls from marketers for the ability to deliver personalised messages to consumers.

In this webinar, we will hear from those responsible for sourcing, implementing, managing and maintaining addressable ad platforms to understand the key aspects of operating a successful addressable ad service.

Join IBC365 on the 24 March at 2pm GMT to understand the key aspects of operating a successful addressable ad service. Register here.

How We Built It: hayu’s personalisation and data push
Broadcasters and platforms are able to gather valuable data on audiences and viewing habits, but how do they collect, store, organise and make sense of that information in such a way that they are able to turn it into actionable insights? The feature will examine how NBCUniversal International’s reality on-demand OTT platform hayu has tapped AWS services to enable greater personalisation data analysis.

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Niche OTT
While the launch of mass-appeal streaming services with deep pockets and large libraries of content may have dominated over the past year, many niche OTT services that cater to smaller but well-defined audiences have also launched. But, with limited budgets and a crowded marketplace, how do they find and engage viewers? With comment from History Hit, Alchemiya and WOW Presents Plus.

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IBC Podcast: Episode 9
Peter Cassidy, director of global entertainment at Monterosa, which works with broadcasters on interactive experiences to drive engagement. Cassidy will speak about the challenges faced by broadcasters in driving engagement and the role of apps, voting, quizzes and more in helping to capture and build audiences. The episode also features Carrie Wootten of Rise and IBC Council chair John Honeycutt.

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