New from SDNsquare is the 1.9 release of its Grid software-defined network controller, comprising an IP network orchestrator which guides data-stream paths and creates predictable, low latency flow to optimise network performance and management.

According to SDNsquare, the new release includes additional support and configuration for a range of switches, extended approaches to visualisation and monitoring, improved performance for large networks and increased API-based interoperability.


Alexander: “We’ve made a number of improvements – both big and small”

Grid’s core function is to facilitate predictable and optimal management of a network, providing for reliable, real-time production operations which are not disrupted by data transfer issues or blockage – with intelligent management employed to deliver predictable and reliable data flow.

The new additions brought to version 1.9 increase the range of applications to work with Grid, grant users greater control and insight over their networks, and facilitate integration of third-party solutions such as broadcast controllers and monitoring/orchestration solutions.

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Henry Alexander, CEO, SDNsquare, said: “In version 1.9 we’ve made a number of improvements – both big and small. Taken together they significantly enhance the scope, functionality and capabilities of Grid, as well as making it more user-friendly and intuitive than ever before.”

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