The subject of XR producing immerisve experiences is delivered by Simon Gunkel in his paper ’Immersive Experiences and XR: A game engine or multimedia streaming problem?’, by Kai Zhou in the paper ’Real-time 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Scalable Resolution’ and by Florian Schweiger in the paper ’Tools for 6DoF Immersive Audiovisual Content Capture and Production.’

For XR to come of age, we need practical capture systems, familiar production processes and an effective blending of game and multimedia technologies. 

In this session, we address all three of these challenges: showcasing a production environment with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF) video and spatial audio capture composited using a game engine, a practical real-time (30fps) point cloud capture system – as well as discussing the current state of convergence between game and traditional multimedia in XR systems.

XR producing immersive experiences

XR producing immersive experiences

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