This themed week will showcase the cutting-edge ways in which TV is delivered and consumed, with insight into the innovation which is boosting the viewing experience.

Through a series of in-depth features and a webinar, IBC365 will explore the ways in which broadcasters, content creators and their partners are delivering the next wave of enhancements.


The evolution of voice search
Delivering a consistent voice experience across devices and platforms remains critical as awareness of voice’s inherent power in home entertainment hits an all-time high. The use of voice for search and delivering commands is now commonplace and expected as standard on most TVs and set top boxes, but how are manufacturers incorporating technology into their consumer offerings – what additional functionality is likely to be offered and how can voice be integrated even more deeply?

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Meet on the edge: distributed computing’s growing potential for content services
More recently, and in light of the phenomenal increase in the number of connected devices and the amount of content that is being produced and consumed, edge computing has started to be adopted more widely by M&E organisations. It’s generally agreed that edge computing will eventually have a significant impact on M&E worldwide, but will it be a “killer app” or the looming issue of data sovereignty that drives adoption?

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Webinar: Streaming to the big screen – delivering content to smart TVs
Join IBC365, Synamedia and Amagi on Wednesday 23rd June at 2pm to explore the growing importance of smart TVs in the streaming landscape, examining the key demands and considerations for content owners as they look to ensure their content is accessible across all platforms, develop smart TV apps and tap into new revenue models.

With a multitude of on-demand and linear streaming services available to viewers, a slick and streamlined TV experience is essential for all content owners and operators.

This IBC365 webinar will explore the opportunities for content owners who can deliver VOD and FAST linear content across all platforms, from smart TVs powered by the likes of Android TV, Tizen and WebOS as well as set top boxes and devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Speakers include:

  • · Igor Macaubas, Director of digital platforms, product & engineering, Globo
  • · Laura Chaibi, International Digital Media Specialist,
  • · Nick Thexton, Chief Technology Officer, Synamedia
  • · KA Srinivasan, Co-founder, Amagi

They will discuss:

  • · Consumer demand for consuming content on the big screen, and how this creates opportunities for content owners
  • · Engineering challenges of developing apps and aggregation services across multiple smart TV platforms
  • · Emerging business opportunities to monetise streaming services and FAST channels on smart TV platforms
  • · The shape of the smart TV ecosystem, and the rise of new partners, revenue streams and competitors

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Dynamic ad insertion and the pursuit of multi-platform personalisation
Dynamic ad insertion technology is becoming more powerful and flexible as content creators seek to serve more platforms and devices effectively with relevant high-quality advertising. Getting closer to the audience to understand its likes – and dislikes – has been one of the hallmarks of the streaming age. Hence it’s not hard to see why a technology such as dynamic ad insertion (DAI) – whereby the interests and habits of the viewer can be matched with the most relevant advertising content – has resonated so strongly throughout M&E recently.

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Watch parties: How shared viewing is boosting fan engagement
Locked down stadiums and the dearth of live event opportunities have seen sports federations, broadcasters and brands begin conducting watch parties for fan organisations and sponsors. IBC365 looks at how watching together has evolved as a solution to keep the fans engaged. With comment from Sceenic and WMT.

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Personalised viewing: The quest for individual experiences as OTT competition intensifies 
Enabling a more personalised UX without adding unduly to workflow complexity is fast becoming the holy grail for streaming services. With various sources pitching the overall growth of the streaming market as high as nearly 40% last year, there can be no doubt that pandemic conditions have proven highly favourable to OTT providers. But as the world begins to open up once more and consumers review which subscriptions they wish to maintain post-Covid, the focus is inevitably shifting to long-term viewer retention and quality of experience.

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Comment: Blurring the lines between TV and gaming
With TV audiences becoming increasingly familiar with the interactivity of gaming, those involved in creating and delivering scripted storytelling would be wise to provide shows that offer more immersive forms of engagement.

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