The Content Everywhere Hub at IBC2018 will showcase and explore new media production, devices, apps and the digital transformations that are shaping the OTT domain.

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Content Everywhere Hub

Based in Hall 14, the Content Everywhere exhibition and Hub will provide delegates with a comprehensive journey through the content landscape with panel discussions and product demonstrations. 

Technology companies including Google and Alibaba along with service providers will explore the potential of OTT and broadcast opportunities and experiences in the age of content everywhere.

There will be 34 product demonstrations covering the entire OTT distribution chain, including online video platforms, transcoding and streaming solutions, content security options and monetisation techniques.

The Hub programme is centred around 10 panel discussions drawing together a range of perspectives and expertise on key issues including the implications for the digital media sector of high profile emerging technologies such as 5G, edge computing and blockchain.

With viewers wishing to take greater control over their viewing habits, over-the-top distribution is becoming more and more critical to the electronic media eco-system. 

The growth of new technologies will also be explored along with takeaways on how to successfully grow an OTT service, how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are impacting content creation.

Offering consumers ‘content everywhere’ and catch-up services are now essential requirements for many broadcasters to complement traditional distribution, as well as telcos wanting to add video to their portfolios or independent content creators or brands wishing to go direct-to-consumer. 

New business models and innovations in programmatic advertising, as well as the convergence of broadcast and telecoms, OTT distribution and monetisation will be explored throughout the four-day schedule. 

The Hub sessions are free for visitors to attend and are designed to engage and enlighten delegates on the content everywhere challenges and opportunities.

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