IBC is benefiting from the convergence of technology, says Chief Executive Michael Crimp.

At an IBC press conference on Saturday morning senior executives addressed the changing media and broadcasting landscape where the latest technologies and inspirational leaders are united in a global game-changing era.


IBC2018: “Benefits from the convergence of technology”

“IBC benefits from the convergence of technology and the applications of that reverberating into adjacent markets,” said IBC Chief Executive Michael Crimp.

“IBC as a brand is determined to be successful and stay at the centre of our changing community. We are working very hard to be a 21st century trade show.”

Engaging with adjacent communities, IBC this year hosted three executive forums with over 400 key executives championing change in the cyber, telco and 5G sectors.

Crimp explained that the sharing of information is pivotal to the longevity of IBC’s success and sits at the core of the business and its engagement with different communities.

Launched in April 2017, the IBC365 platform has now become the home for the global media, entertainment and technology community, which Crimp foresees having over 60,000 subscribers by the close of the show - overtaking the likely number of physical attendees.

He called for partners and content collaborators to grow the global media hub with the potential to personalise content and reach new audiences.

Special guest Kim Jackson, Co-founder and President of SingularDTV, joined executives to share her predictions on the impact of blockchain to “change the way business is done.” She said: “The content creators are the ones who benefit because you can track IP and that is where the gold is to gain revenue.”

Kim Jackson

Special guest: Kim Jackson

IBC365 asked Jackson if the broadcast and media industries are ready to embrace blockchain technology. She said it’s in its infancy and there is certainly confusion about what blockchain is and what it can do. “We are not ready yet for consumer-facing applications, we are in the early days.”

IBC Head of Content Jaisica Lapsiwala discussed the vibrant and thought provoking conference programme, packed with sessions curated through close collaboration with those in the industry.

She said: “We have worked to ensure the programme is reflective of the pace of change and we feel IBC is paving a path forward for the industry.”

A fresh approach was taken for the IBC2018 conference with the introduction of a brand new content steering group to look at the challenges and opportunities in the industry which helped form the programme.

A new guest chair, Channel 4 Chief Operating Officer Keith Underwood, has helped to shape the programme and put his own stamp on it. Notably IBC has driven new initiatives, one of which is diversity and gender equality across the conference. In 2017, only 14% of speakers were female: Lapsiwala was proud to announce that this year 37% of the on stage speakers are female.

She said: “It is fantastic to see so many inspirational and strong female leaders this year.”

IBC Exhibition Committee Chair Roger Thornton discussed the new players exhibiting at IBC, notably Alibaba Group in the expanding Hall 14. Such new exhibitors have helped achieve the largest IBC exhibition ever with 53,710 square metres – a 667 square metre increase on 2017.

The exhibition has 15 halls and over 1,700 exhibitors showcasing the latest technological, hardware and equipment solutions.