In this Tech Talk and accompanying technical papers we hear from researchers and vision scientists - from the BBC, RheinMain University and Technicolor - on how they are ensuring the precision of HDR and colour in image capture. 

Today’s imaging technology strives to produce a viewing experience which is, as far as possible, identical with that perceived by the human visual system.

Strangely, one limiting factor in high dynamic range (HDR) design has been that existing measurements of the human vision have not been sufficiently accurate.  

Another of these issues is skin tone: humans are particularly sensitive to skin colour - regarding it as an indicator of well-being. The accurate portrayal of this subtle parameter is therefore particularly important.

Download the technical papers:

Colour management for cinematic immersive experiences by Technicolor, France and Technicolor Experience Centre, USA

HDR in consideration of the abilities of the human visual system by RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Video luminance levels for human skin tones in hybrid log-gamma video by BBC, UK