23 - 29 Mar: Your guide on what to look forward to this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

What’s on

The IABM is hosting a live international webcast on ‘How Coronavirus is impacting the media industry’. The event will be streamed this Thursday 26 March from 5-6pm GMT. The session involves 3 panels and features C-level speakers from Avid, BBC News and more. Register here.

SMPTE is also hosting a webcast this Thursday 7-8:30pm Eastern on Commercializing Addressable TV with Open Addressable Ready. The webcast will provide an overview of the Open Addressable Ready (OAR) ecosystem for delivering addressable TV on smart TVs. Visit the SMPTE site for more details. 


Reminder: The coronavirus is a global pandemic that is continuing to disrupt the international events and conference industry. Several events are cancelled.

Company results

AudioEye will announce its Q4 2019 earnings on Monday.

YE DIGITAL, provider of  IoT solutions will announce its full year 2020 earnings on Friday.


Film & TV releases

Crime mystery The Bygone is set in the mid-West is about a young rancher who comes across a missing girl. Released in 2019, it arrives on Netflix available to stream on Monday. 

One of Netflix’s biggest dramas Ozark Season 3 arrives on Netflix this Friday.

Another big Netflix original releasing this Friday is Uncorked, a drama that tells the story of one young man trying to choose his own destiny while his father has full expectations of him joining the family BBQ joint.

Disney+ will launch in Europe, offering a raft of new content for European viewers, including Star Wars show The Mandalorian.

Due to the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, cinema and theatre film releases in the rest of March have been postponed. Some films will be offered as on-demand streaming options.

On this day

25 March 1954 RCA manufactured the first colour TV set, with a 15-inch screen it cost $1,000