Authors: J. Tsumochi, K. Murase, Y. Matsusaki, F. Ito, H. Kamoda, N. Iai, K. Imamura, H. Hamazumi and K. Shibuya 


The Super Hi-Vision (8K) regular broadcasting through broadcasting satellite will start in 2018. In light of this, we developed two 8K wirelesslinks that use microwave and millimetre-wave bands for use in 8K program production.

The transmission capacity of the wireless link must be three to five times larger than that of the current High-definition (HD) wireless link to cope with the huge amount of data streams of 8K video and audio signals. Therefore, several approaches, such as dual-polarised multipleinput multiple-output (MIMO), higher-order modulation, wide-band signal processing, were taken to increase the transmission capacity.

As a result, the 8K microwave wireless link can transmit more than 300 Mbps over a long distance within the 18-MHz bandwidth. The 8K millimetre-wave wireless link uses the 125-MHz bandwidth in the 42-GHz band and can transmit more than 600 Mbps over a short or middle distance. Field experiments were conducted to prove the feasibility. 


Since Super Hi-Vision (8K) regular broadcasting will start in 2018, there is an increasing demand for diversifying 8K content. To diversify such content, outside broadcasting from anywhere at any time, such as electronic news gathering and live feed of sports events, is indispensable, as has been for high-definition (HD) program production.

High-definition portable wireless link have been necessary to achieve that. Therefore, portable wireless link for 8K program contribution are necessary as for HD program contribution. In this paper, we report the development of two portable 8K wireless links that use microwave and millimetre-wave bands, where we took several approaches to increase the transmission capacity required for 8K contribution.