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  • esports
    Executive Interviews

    Waking up to esports


    Esports has burst into public consciousness in recent months thanks to a spate of stories about teenagers winning huge sums in competitions. Yet it’s still an unknown quantity to the general public. British Esports CEO Chester King aims to increase awareness and inspire future talent in the burgeoning market

  • Dominique Delport, President International, VICE Media
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Dominique Delport, Vice Media


    Young people experience both the best and the worst of the online world, says Vice Media’s Dominique Delport. Connecting with them requires a unique approach.

  • Dan Mangru
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Dan Mangru, TheaterEars


    Enabling individuals to enjoy content in their choice of language will give movie companies the edge in the battle for audience share, says TheaterEars CEO Dan Mangru.

  • Olivier Jollet PLUTO TV EUROPE
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Olivier Jollet, Pluto TV


    In a tough, competitive media market, choosing the right business model is crucial. Ahead of his appearance at IBC, Pluto TV’s Olivier Jollet tells George Jarrett how global game-changing media businesses should be developing new strategies.

  • Nuno Fonseca small
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Nuno Fonseca, Sound Particles


    Applying the techniques of 3D video animation to sound creation could take cinema audio to a new level of realism, Sound Particles’ Nuno Fonseca tells Paul Bray.

  • Mario Cavestany IBM
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Mario Cavestany, IBM

    2019-09-06T07:00:00Z Brought to you by

    As technology and society intersect, consumers and enterprises are advancing, adapting and propelling dramatic market changes in every aspect of people’s professional and personal lives, says IBM vice president telecommunications, media entertainment Mario Cavestany.

  • Bill Gash CSG
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Bill Gash, CSG Ascendon

    2019-09-05T17:58:00Z Brought to you by

    Businesses need highly flexible, hugely scalable platforms to pursue the right strategy according to the state of each market’s maturity, says CSG Ascendon director of sales Bill Gash.

  • Hiroshi Kawano.jpg
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Hiroshi Kawano, Sony


    Hiroshi Kawano, new head of Sony’s professional business, reveals how broadcasters can produce more and better output for less investment, the potential of 5G, and why it pays to understand your customer’s customer.

  • PeterHeinckiens
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Peter Heinckiens, Mediagenix

    2019-09-05T09:18:00Z Brought to you by

    How do you make processes more efficient and responsive, while keeping a tight grip on quality, costs and complexity, asks Mediagenix CTO and head of product Peter Heinckiens.

  • Shalini Govil Pai 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Shalini Govil-Pai, Android TV

    2019-09-04T15:52:00Z Brought to you by

    The world is moving to more natural ways to access the power of computing, says Android TV senior director of product management and IBC2019 keynote speaker Shalini Govil-Pai.