To mark World Television Day, commemorating the United Nation’s first World Television Forum in 1996, IBC365 looks back at the past year’s achievements, advancements and innovations in TV and broadcasting across the globe.

World Television Day recognises the impact television has had on global social, economic and political changes, since its invention in the 19th century and its first ever demonstration by Scottish inventor and engineer John Logie Baird in 1926. Since the broadcasting revolution, television has continued to bring information and entertainment to households worldwide, now more than ever with an accelerated force of innovation.


5G in Broadcast

According to the United Nations: “World Television Day is a celebration of how television has become a symbol of connection and globalisation in the 21st century,” with the television continuing to be the “single largest source of video consumption” in the world. Indeed, a recent survey published by the European Parliament concluded that television remains the primary news source for citizens of the European Union. For the majority, 71% of respondents, TV is still one of their most used media to access news in the past seven days, followed by online press and news platforms (42%).

For more than 50 years, IBC has showcased the power of moving picture, the nuts and bolts behind emerging technologies and traditional formats in broadcast, with 2023 as no exception. Here’s a roundup of this year’s must-see presentations and insights from industry experts in the world of television.

The Technologies Transforming the Box

Read 8KTV: The Current State of Play

2022 marked the 10th anniversary of the first significant public demonstration of 8K television when NHK and the BBC co-operated to present the London Olympic Games on 15-meter-wide screens in London, Glasgow, and Bradford.

5G in broadcast: 5G TV Online

5G is one of the hottest topics in broadcasting and, for the media and entertainment sector, the technology will prove to be transformative.


The AI Moment for Smart TV

At IBC2023: AI has the capability to transform traditional smart TV experiences into personalised and intuitive journeys for users. Driven by machine learning algorithms and data-driven insights, AI can understand viewers’ preferences, habits, and interests.

Webinar: Towards a Single Tech Stack

With the rise of connected TV, content owners are distributing to an ever-growing number of platforms, all with individual requirements and often separate teams needed to manage individual platforms. Join IBC365 on-demand to hear from content owners, telcos and broadcasters on their strategy for managing distribution.

Tech Paper: Next Generation TV in Brazil During the Football World Cup 2022

At IBC2023: This Technical Paper explains how, during the FIFA World Cup 2022, every match during the tournament was broadcasted using backward compatible improvements from the TV 2.5 Project and live streamed using preliminary specifications for the TV 3.0 Project.

Representing: Broadcasters Challenging the Status Quo for People and Purpose

Read: Gender, Ethnicity and Class Pay Gaps in TV and Tech

The industry pay gap was the key topic at Wonder Women Live, an annual women’s networking event which champions diverse women who work in television and the creative industries.

Read: Rise Awards: Shining the Spotlight on Gender Diversity in Media

Outstanding and inspirational women in media and technology roles were celebrated this week at the London award show hosted by Rise, the not-for-profit advocacy group for gender diversity in the media technology sector. The awards recognise notable achievements from female talent across the M&E industry, including a Special Recognition Award, Rising Star Award and the Rise Woman of the Year Award.


Rise Awards 2023

Watch: Live Production – Next Generation Technology Trials

At IBC2023, this session shares the experiences of two broadcasters as they trialled new technologies into their production workflows, during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

How Television Today Responds to the Industry’s Shifting Business Models

Watch: Launching TV Experiences in the Face of Monetisation Model and Connected TV Fragmentation

At IBC2023: In the decade since Content Everywhere launched at IBC, online video consumption has become a fact of everyday life for millions of households worldwide. As the online video market continues to grow, new monetisation models are emerging. Rising market penetration makes Connected TVs a key battleground for offering viewers the ultimate experience. This panel will explore how video service providers meet the challenges of increased fragmentation and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Watch: Building TV Infrastructure with IP

At IBC2023, as part of the IET John Logie Baird Lectures at IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Ian Nock, Vice Chair, IET Media, and a panel of experts presented their views on the thinking and impact of IP delivered TV.

Listen: IBC Changemakers Podcast: In Conversation with BBC’s Jabbar Sardar

As global HR director for BBC Studios, Jabbar is responsible for leading the global wellbeing, culture, D&I and leadership strategy across BBC Studios. Sarah Burbedge talks to Jabbar about how BBC Studios puts their people first, and what their future plans are.